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“Fuel for the Journey”
This tele-seminar has lent a precise prospective and guidance to my vision in how to maintain and complete the journey, because I now possess the knowledge and direction of where I’m ultimately bound. It has reignited the passion of who I really am and aspire to be. Here’s thumbs up to the magnificent coaching direction and qualitative experience of the seminar’s Life Coach, Charlotte Haymore Sara Harris

Upscale Clothes Designer, Sahrah's Boutique

Charlotte connects with her audience on a visceral level. The best workshop that I’ve attended in recent years. I look forward to future events. Deborah Frauenfelder

If you recall, I was puzzled about how reflecting back to my vision from my childhood related to the future letter I wrote. You said that if you let it sit awhile, it will come to you. Well, it did…. The blueprint in my mind is that I can’t play unless I work hard. So now that I realize that, I am trying to turn that negative thought into my vision of having fun while I work! … And I must admit, I have been a bit scared of success because I am scared it means I will have to work too hard and not be able to enjoy “the fruits of my LABOR”. Even using that phrase is implying it has to be hard work. Anyway, I want to do my affirmations now that concentrate on the natural ease and flow of getting my business running quickly and profitably. Thank you so much for your natural gift. It opened my eyes to an important aspect of my past and that can affect my future. Rita Kyker

“Positive Take Away”
Learning and understanding the importance of recognizing my own unique Life-Highway impressed me greatly. Charlotte explained that each of us is traveling on our own unique journey that has a beginning and an ending. We have no control over when our life journey begins or when it ends. We do, however, have control over all of the space, years and miles in between. What we do with that space, years and miles while traveling on the highway is up to us. That was a true “aha” moment for me. Pat Askins

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