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The word possible means being able or fitted to do or become what you want to do or become regardless of challenges you may face.  While traveling on my journey, I often have to remind myself of the meaning of this word, especially when naysayers I meet along the way continue to reiterate that  I shouldn’t  or  I can’t.

As I travel on my life journey, I always carry the belief with me that if I believe in myself and am willing to do the necessary work, It is possible for me to do whatever I want to do and become what I want to become.    When I believe in myself, it means I have listened to a voice that resides within letting me know what I want is possible.   And, if I’m willing to do the work that means I have made a committed decision to move forward with determination toward my goal.

Many friends and family, throughout my lifetime, have told me more than once, how often they have watched me in disbelief, as I accomplished my goals despite challenges and my limited resources.   Eventually, they grew to accept when I said I was going to do something, I was going to go above and beyond to get it done.

Allow me to share five secrets on how the Voice of Possibility helped me and can help you.

  1. Rely on a Higher Power for direction
  2. Believe in yourself and your DREAM enough to risk moving forward
  3. Just get started. “You don’t have to be good to start, but you must start to be good”
  4. Automatically Attract people to help you because of your strong belief and determination
  5. Seek the assistance of a mentor or coach to help guide you when you face difficult cross roads.

Listen to your voice of possibility!!