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“Fulfill your dream at 50 and over” Coaching Series

Is your life dream or vision still sitting on the back burner and you can’t seem to move it forward?   Do you desire to move it forward but don’t know how?

If you are over 50, you qualify for this coaching session because you are filled with knowledge and experience that has resulted in great wisdom.   You owe it to yourself and those who follow you to overcome perceived challenges and allow the fruition of your dream to be of service to you and many, many others.

If you are stuck and don’t know how to create your successful dream, I am here to help you fix that today.

I am offering a special three-part

**Fulfill Your Life Dream at 50 and over  Coaching Session** valued at $499.00 for only $97.00.  Click here to grab your spot now.

In part 1:

60-minute Group session conducted live on site in Denver, Colorado or  via tele-conference call by phone, (your choice) we will work together to begin creating a solid roadmap creating an awareness of proven steps you should take to make your dream a reality which includes:

Discover or re-discover your Dream – Know it and own it

Your vision- see it and believe it

  • Work your Vision so your dream will work
  • Decide to Decide and Overcome

Part 2

Approximately ten days after our first tele-conference call or on site meeting and after you complete the work started in Part 1, we will schedule and conduct a *30 minute follow-up group call or group meeting *  I will work with you, focus on next steps and provide guidance on how to move your dream forward.

Part 3

A 30 minute combined group “moving forward” strategy session

Facing Challenges

Finding  Solutions

Desired Results

The Future


And as an added FREE  bonus, I will provide:

  • Audio of our first phone session
  • A complimentary copy of my e-book entitled

“9 Valuable Steps to Fulfill your Dream”

Due to time restrictions.

**I am only making these sessions available to 10 fifty+ Dreamers by phone and 10 fifty+ Dreamers in person.

After the 1st 10 people book their time, this calendar will be inactivated until a future date.

If you are ready to ignite your vision so your delayed dream can come true, click here to book your slot today

Note:  Time slots only available on select days.  All times are U.S. Mountain Time.  Please pay close attention to your time zone when booking.

Remember If you are spending all of your time planning for the future, you won’t be present when it comes.

Feel free to share with an over 50 friend.


Two payment options to fit your needs. 


Pay Pal
Full one-time payment of $97.00 due prior to the first coaching session. 

Workshop Options

Two part Payment Plan (includes a service fee)
$58.20 due prior to first coaching session
$58.20 due prior to second coaching session

Please contact Charlotte at info@charlottehaymore.com for more information and to set up your two-part payment plan. 

The following debit or credit cards accepted:
Master Card or Visa