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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Charlotte’s keynote presentations and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS, with strong emphasis on recognizing one’s inner vision, is perfect for conferences, professional organizations, small businesses and spiritual organizations.

Her presentations will ignite your audience and encourage them to RISE to their Visions with all of the vigor and vitality residing within, just waiting to be released. She speaks to everyone who can see a vision for their lives but can’t seem to activate the vision because they allow life’s challenges to keep them from moving forward. She speaks to those who have chosen not to listen to the voice within that’s calling them move to higher ground. She speaks to those who feel life has passed them by and it is too late to RISE. She freely shares her own life experiences and her own understanding of what it means when she says “you can unfold your vision at any age and RISE.

The inspirational and passionate delivery of her keynote address will motivate your audience to claim their Vision with a spirit of renewed commitment, accepting nothing less than the fulfilled lives that have been waiting for them.



During Charlotte’s inter-active vision workshops, attendees will gain a greater understanding of the many roads of life we travel. She helps attendees take an in depth look at their lives and gain an understanding of how their goals, passions, dreams and visions can ultimately lead them to their life’s purpose.


Charlotte is waiting to extend a helping hand.

She can become your keynote speaker or workshop presenter by making a simple phone call or sending a quick email.

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