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Upcoming Speaking Events

AARP CO Disrupt Aging Workshop, Denver, CO 7/12/2018

To disrupt means to interrupt. In this workshop we are going to tackle 3 important issues around aging that may need to be disrupted

1. What others think about how you should live your life at age 50+

2. What you think about how you should live your life at age 50+

3. Embracing the NEW YOU filled with wisdom to share, physically and mentally.

Charlotte Haymore is an inspirational and motivational speaker as well as a life coach, author, and workshop leader. She believes dreams, passion and vision are part of the journey that leads us to our true life purpose, especially at age 50+. She is confident there is a vision within each of us waiting to be activated so we can begin traveling to our destiny. Charlotte engages with her audience as she speaks on the topic of activating unfulfilled dreams and on how to work your vision so the vision will work for you.

Her goal is to inspire others to “Re-discover YOU and Live your Best Life Now NOW”.

Thursday, July 12, 2018
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

The House Worship Center
2150 S. Cherry Street
Denver, CO 80222

Space is limited, register now.

Charlotte connects with her audience on a visceral level.  The best workshop that I’ve attended in recent years.  I look forward to future events.

Deborah Frauenfelder

If you recall, I was puzzled about how reflecting back to my vision from my childhood related to the future letter I wrote.  You said that if you let it sit awhile, it will come to you.  Well, it did…. The blueprint in my mind is that I can’t play unless I work hard.  So now that I realize that, I am trying to turn that negative thought into my vision of having fun while I work!  …  And I must admit, I have been a bit scared of success because I am scared it means I will have to work too hard and not be able to enjoy “the fruits of my LABOR”.  Even using that phrase is implying it has to be hard work.  Anyway, I want to do my affirmations now that concentrate on the natural ease and flow of getting my business running quickly and profitably. Thank you so much for your natural gift.  It opened my eyes to an important aspect of my past and that can affect my future.
Rita Kyker