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Travel and Tourism

“At Home 3 Day Boot Camp”

Charlotte Haymore is a trainer and coach for aspiring serious minded individuals interested in starting a professional career or business in travel and tourism; and for individuals who have already taken those first steps to begin a travel career, but don’t quite know how to move forward.

Charlotte is both owner and manager of Charlotte’s Cruises N Tours travel agency, founder and past President of the TPOC Travel Association and published author, as well as career coach,  will share some “must know” techniques with you on how to work your vision so your vision will work in the travel industry.

Want a Profitable Career in Travel and Tourism?  Want to learn how to become one of “Today’s Travel Professionals” listed below

  • Travel Agents
  • Independent Contractors/Outside Sales Representatives
  • Tour Operators
  • Tour Guides & Tour Directors
  • Meeting and Event Planners

And make sustainable income, with no limits, while doing what you enjoy!!

“Miss. Charlotte Haymore’s Weekend Boot Camp is amazingly informative, convenient and resourceful. Her knowledge and resources of the travel industry is impeccable. Her teaching methods are easy, clear and practical. Even though you’re on a conference call the assignment and activities are professional, hands on and personally designed to fit your needs. The guest speaker Michael Bennett was phenomenally and full of insight. The entire experience is worthwhile. If you plan on entering into the field of travel, I highly recommend that you invest in this Weekend Boot Camp.” Candrace M. Martin

Charlotte will help.

Finally, someone to help you move that far away vision of your career in travel from back of mind to front of mind.

“Introduction to the World of Travel and Tourism”

Free live recorded tele-conference with Charlotte and students on an “introduction to the world of travel and tourism”.

Listen and get answers to the questions below:

  • Learn about the many exciting careers in travel and tourism
  • Learn who can work in travel and tourism
  • Learn how to determine which travel career is the best fit for you
  • Learn how to move forward and make it happen
  • Learn how to make money in the travel and tourism industry
  • Learn where and how to find jobs in the travel and tourism industry
  • Learn the beginning steps to opening your own travel business
  • Learn more about receiving Certification and Training
  • Learn more about Charlotte’s Travel and Tourism “At Home 3 Day Boot Camp”

I have had the opportunity to go on many cruises in my lifetime, but the absolute best “group” cruise that I enjoyed, was coordinated by Charlotte Haymore of Charlotte’s Cruises and Tours. I had such a great time that I decided I wanted to become a travel consultant. Just like her!

I watched her. I watched how she handled her clients as well as the ever changing challenges. To be sure, she was the epitome of professionalism. I decided to ask her how could I become a travel agent operating my own travel agency.

To my good fortune, she informed me of an upcoming boot camp that would take place in Denver, Colorado. When some of the attendees could not personally attend the scheduled boot camp, Charlotte decided to conduct the boot camp via teleconference.

In a word: AWESOME! It was a highly informative, action packed weekend, with an in depth study of the most important “things you need to know” to get you jump started in the travel industry. Charlotte shared her personal experiences as well as her professional knowledge to make the boot camp interesting and exciting all three days. I learned more than I ever imagined in such a short time. I was sad when the boot camp was over because I could tell; she still had more to share.

Charlotte’s boot camp is an absolute MUST for anyone aspiring to operate your own travel agency business! I hope she will have refresher classes in the future to help keep me informed of all the latest trends and info in this great industry of travel.

Denise Durley