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I encourage you to grasp the vision within and elevate your life to the highest level.

Charlotte Haymore,  Accomplished Inspirational and Motivational Speaker.  

Sometimes life has a tendency to get in our way and we forget who we are or who we want to be. Deep down on the inside lives an Immeasurable force, a spirit, that produces a promise of what we shall one day become; That immeasurable force presents to us a vision, which most ignore, tend not to recognize, or allow fear to set in, causing us not to live the fulfilled life intended for us. Charlotte has met with this experience. After being married for 20 years, she found herself having to raise four children alone, and work a full time job instead of seizing her moment. She spent years working on projects and satisfying passions as she continued to ignore her vision and placed it on an indefinite hold. Charlotte eventually overcame these obstacles and transcended her life by embracing her inner vision, which allowed her to embark upon a life of purpose and happiness. She will help you ignite your vision; only, much faster than she did. She welcomes the opportunity to speak at your event or serve as a coach for both individuals and groups. Don’t place your vision on hold any longer. Embrace your vision today! Remember,

“If you’re spending all of your time planning for the future, you won’t be present when it comes”

It’s never too late to vitalize the vision you may not have recognized, or the vision you put on hold some years ago or the vision you were afraid to claim as your own. Galileo once said that “we cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves”. Charlotte will help you discover the “it” that’s within you. It’s a journey worth traveling and one that will provide you much happiness when you reach your destination. Embrace your future life!


  • First the Dream, then the Vision
  • Baby Boomers Birthing Visions
  • Custom “theme” speeches


  • Learn 9 steps of Self Discovery
  • Propel your dreams from fantasy to reality
  • Recognize and receive your inner vision
  • Become the person you were intended to be

Though you may stumble and fall along the way, you get up and say to yourself, And Still I Rise!

This is my Vision and nobody else can have it!