Charlotte Haymore

Charlotte Haymore is co-founder of the Travel Professionals of Color Association better known as TPOC. She served as founding president of the TPOC Association for 12 years while simultaneously operating her own home based travel agency for a total of 20 years. In addition, after 22 year of service, she retired from United Airline, where she worked in sales, reservations, customer service and a number of special assignments including diversity trainer.

Charlotte has worked on two local radio stations as a newscaster and talk show host of a travel show.

She now serves as speaker and life coach. She is founder of the “Travel on Purpose” approach, specifically for women leaders in travel and women leaders, age 55+ who are interested in traveling to their life purpose.

Charlotte grew up in East St. Louis, Illinois, just a 15 minute drive across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO. For Charlotte, traveling across the Mississippi bridge from Illinois to Missouri was the beginning of her desire to travel. Her vivid imagination took her all over the world and she promised that one day she would travel to all the places she read about or saw on TV.

After high school and college, her travel opportunities began. She landed her first travel job as a secretary for TAP Portuguese Airlines in Chicago, Illinois. A few years later, she was hired by United Airlines in Denver, CO. She took advantage of every opportunity to travel. Her kids used to say, they could navigate through any airport anywhere because they grew up running through them all.

After 22 years of service with United Airlines, Charlotte retired and decided as her post retirement job, she would open her own home-based travel agency. She operated her agency full time and specialized in group travel allowing her to create memorable travel experiences for her clients.

Some of Charlotte’s Awards include:

  • Who’s Who of American Women
  • The Culinary and Hospitality Management Institute of the College of the Bahamas Award
  • Black Meetings and Tourism APEX Award


Without question, Charlotte Haymore will soon join the ranks of the Nation’s top Speakers, who are in high demand for conference appearances. Charlotte has mastered the fine art of delivery that engages her audience from the moment she utters the first words of her presentation until her last thought-provoking comment.

Over the years, having experienced Charlotte as a speaker at several events, it is impressive to see the tremendous growth in her level of passion and in her ability to so fully communicate with an audience. She is a rising star in the industry whose spark and endearing spirit will touch and inspire those who are fortunate to hear her.
Gloria M. HerbertAssociate Publisher/Editor, Black Meetings & Tourism

It is my pleasure to call Charlotte Haymore a friend and colleague. She is a captivating speaker that draws your attention to the message. She has the ability to motivate an audience of all sizes and at the same time make you feel that you are the only person in the room.

Roy JaySenior President / Joint Venture, Aramark / Giacometti Partners and Roy Jay Enterprises

A consummate professional and gentle lady with a pleasant disposition, an articulate speaker, great leader and a good listener are just few of the many qualities of this dynamo of a lady, Charlotte Haymore.

Ruth E. GardinerAssociate Professor, Hospitality & Tourism Studies, The College of The Bahamas

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