This self-Help / Motivational & Inspirational book guides readers on a journey of self discovery. While on the journey, readers learn how to transition their dreams from fantasy to reality.

They are both inspired and motivated to build a vision around their dreams and soar to unbelievable success.

Charlotte’s own life experiences and personal stories are meant to help others avoid some of the pitfalls of life she encountered and move toward success regardless of life’s challenges one may encounter.

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dream is a thought, an idea and your imagination of who you could become one day. Vision is a snapshot of who you will become one day once you decide to do so. Building and activating a vision around your dreams will propel you to become your future self. Sometimes our visions are difficult to see and understand. Seeing a clear picture of one’s vision is a journey that needs to be embraced. It does, however, require due diligence and dedicated work on your part.

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